As one of the most trusted Yield Optimizers, SleepEarn always wants to make sure that the users have the best experience possible using SleepEarn and its services and get the highest APY with the least amount of manual effort. We have a great dev team, we want to give you the highest real APY possible. In order to do just that, we have expanded on the initial vault offering with a service called SleepEarn Launchpool in which we promote exciting projects on KardiaChain. Together with the promotion, we BOOST certain vaults with the partners token in order to give the best APY to you, the investor.

How do I use SleepEarn Launchpool?

Look for a boosted vault in our main app and stake the tokens that are asked for in that vault. You will get a "receipt" called pillowToken in your wallet. Proceed to the related partner Launchpool vault here on the SleepEarn Launchpool site and enter the corresponding vault (or press the 'Boost' shortcut on the main vault page called Boost). The vault will ask for you to stake your pillowToken "receipts". Stake these pillowTokens and you are all done, you can easily come back here to check on your earned partner tokens and withdraw at any time.

How do I see my earned tokens?

Enter the vault where you deposited your pillowTokens and it will show you a nice summary of your earned tokens.

I can no longer see my deposited tokens in the Boosted vault!

No worries! Your deposited tokens are safe and never left the Boosted vault. Since you have deposited your pillowTokens (vault receipts) in one of our Launchpools, the main boosted vaults can no longer read the receipt in your wallet, hence it shows you zero. As soon as you are finished with a Launchpool, you withdraw your pillowTokens (receipts) back to your wallet and your initial vault deposit will show up again.

What are pillowTokens?

A pillowToken can be seen as a receipt that you get when depositing into any SleepEarn vault. This is a fully automatic process. For example, you receive pillowSEN tokens from depositing $SEN into the SleepEarn Maxi vault. These pillowTokens do not 1:1 represent the token amount initially deposited but it does represent the value of your share in the vault. As a vault generates profit, the amount of pillowTokens in your wallet remain constant while the underlying invested token amount in the vault increases. Whenever you want to withdraw the tokens that are staked for you in the vault, you need your receipt (pillowTokens) which you hand in to redeem the deposited tokens + yield. SleepEarn.Finance users should hold on tightly to the pillowTokens i.e. deposit receipts and not sell or exchange them to strangers or you will lose ownership of your staked assets in the vault.

How long will the Boosted vault last?

Since we introduce multiple partner vaults at different times, there is a timer shown on each partner vault. This is nothing you really need to keep track of since you can always come back after a vault is finished and withdraw then.

Do I have to manually unstake from the Launchpool vault when it is finished?

Yes! Just come back after a partner vault is finished and you can unstake your deposited pillowTokens together with the partner tokens, at any time.

Can I enter multiple Launchpool vaults at once?

Absolutely! Just deposit the required tokens in one or multiple of our boosted vaults, one by one, and then deposit your pillowTokens (vault receipts) in the accompanied partner vaults. Repeat this step for every boosted partner vault you want to be a part of.

Are these partner vaults safe to use?

Yes! These partner vaults are hosted by SleepEarn and are completely safe. SleepEarn has gotten tokens from our partners and uses our own vaults for the reward. Those pillowTokens your stake doesn’t leave SleepEarn.

If I enter a partner vault with my pillowTokens, will I still earn the ordinary vault reward?

Yes! The ordinary tokens you deposited in our main vaults even if it’s boosted will earn the ordinary reward and be compounded as usual. What you place in these partner vaults is your “receipt” from the ordinary vault that normally is worth nothing. By using these partner vaults, you earn both tokens on the ordinary vault and tokens from our partner vaults.

Why is APY and Daily rates not matching?

That’s because APR and APY show two different things. APR means “Annual Percentage Rate” and is a fixed rate. SleepEarn shows APR by dividing the annual yield into 365 days and presents that to you as “Daily”. APY on the other hand means “Annual percentage yield” which is when you take the daily yield and compound it. SleepEarn compounds your rewards automatically most of the time multiple times a day, this makes the APY much higher than a yearly APR would be.

How come the APY shown when deposited is not the same now?

APY is the “Annual percentage yield” and is your daily yield compounded. The daily yield in turn is based on factors such as the yield rate and the total amount deposited that share this yield. When more people and in turn tokens enter the pool, the fixed yield is shared by more people (tokens) hence the daily yield will become lower and in turn, lower the APY. In the same way, if people (tokens) exit the vault, there are fewer people (tokens) sharing the fixed reward and the daily yield will increase and in turn, APY will increase.

Are the promoted project and its tokens safe?

When partnering with a certain project, SleepEarn always tries to make an overall check of the project to get a sense of its sincerity and safety. Before adding vaults that are hosted by the partnering project, we also try to look for vulnerabilities in the code. Despite all this, we can never be 100% sure about a partner, hence it’s up to you to make sure that the partnering project is a project that you want to support. SleepEarn cannot, and will not take any responsibility for your personal actions.

How to earn free KAI indefinitely?

Buy our own token $SEN, and stake it here in the SEN Gov pool and you will earn part of every harvest done on all our vaults, every day.

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